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Our mission is to provide disc golfers of all skill levels with the highest quality services to enhance their experience on the course. We strive to create a community of disc golfers who are passionate about the sport and committed to its growth. We are dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, and affordable products that will help our customers reach their goals and enjoy the game of disc golf.

​There are several advantages to choosing a higher-tier disc golf lesson package, such as discounted rates, the option to schedule all lessons in advance, and more comprehensive instruction and support. The packages offer discounted rates compared to purchasing individual lessons, and allow you to schedule all of your lessons upfront for added convenience. These higher packages also offer more personalized instruction and support, such as video analysis and ongoing support from your instructor, which can help you make more progress towards your disc golf goals. For example, the Platinum package includes four hourly lessons with follow-up video analysis, two rounds of nine holes, thorough analysis of your disc golf bag, and ongoing support from your instructor.

Experience the difference with personalized, interactive in-person lessons in the local
Tucson Area!
More cities coming soon...

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